Fordy's Pong

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This is a pong game which I made in a couple of lunch breaks.


Not well-made

I can tell you made it in a couple of lunch breaks. Coding's fine, and the game WORKS... but...

For one thing, there should be seperate buttons for help and for options.

But the main problems are your graphics, and the game's depth.

For one thing, you need to make the game more stylish. Add rollovers, use different fonts, make a scoreboard, turn the paddles into something cooler, add a title screen - you really need to work on that. Look at the other games that haven't been blammed, and compare them to yours. What's the difference? Try to improve on that difference.

Secondly is the depth. The cheat function was good, but, don't use it - people will just automatically use it all the time. Add extra modes, such as power-ups, to increase the games depth. I only played it for two minutes. Add enough stuff to make it a good game to play.

It's allright - but not great.


No offense or anything....But that was bad!

We already have too many Pong remakes on NG so why make more...and bad ones at that too? The controls didn't responed when I needed them to. All the colors were a bit distracting. And the ball was too blurry when it moved. I think you put this bad flash together in 1 hour. And come on.. no instructions or play button. The least you could have done is download the NG preloader for free! If you like pong, go play the original..a lot less complicated. I am not trying to be mean but this was not good at all. What I am saying is what I feel!

shadowford responds:

There are instructions


If you're making a serious game, odds are it'll take a bit longer than a couple of lunches. If it's a practise, fine, but there's no need to submit it to NG.

Needs a hell of a lot added; better graphics, better physics, more intelligent AI that's prone to mistakes, faster gameplay, and the list goes on. I saw it get smaller and such, but the fact I could do no more than watch it bounce back from my paddle with no possibility of me hitting it to an area they can't get at a different speed or anything made this really irritating.

shadowford responds:

the ai is prone to mitakes. He can lose often. If the ball didn't speed up or get smaller, the game would never end until YOU lost.

Yea it's pong

Congradulation, you've made a game that amature programing students make better versions of in there free time. We have all played this game before, and this version isn't even well made.

shadowford responds:

look at my other games then make something better

quite an addictive game

not bad... its addictive if u get into it. BTW: IT DOES GET FASTER AND SMALLER U JUST HAVE 2 PLAY IT LONGER (for people with short attention spans)

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shadowford responds:

Finally!!! someone who isn't retarded enough to bag out my flash when they could never do any better themselves.

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Oct 9, 2006
8:53 AM EDT
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