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Solar Burn

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Whew! My first flash is here!
After hours of work and liposuction,trying basic stuffs for future proyects,
a warm day,some explosions,a killer broom...enjoy!

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Not too shabby for your first cartoon

Butzbo responds:

Hah, it's fun to see that this is still being watched every once in a while, hahah, it finally reached 2k views!
Thanks Wegra!

cool one

that was a cool animation, a pretty good for a first one as well. nice drawings in this one, though a small touch-up would be nice, good audio, some cool action, decent humour and it offered some pretty nice entertainment. i enjoyed watching this one, it was cool.


You had a YuYu moment in there for a split second. My advice:ditch your style, those preschool drawings make my eyes sore. Draw more clearly(your background) and I'll be more than welcome to rate your flash 10.

Great First Flash

That was pretty good for your first flash. I'd reccomend learning shading because it will make your flash look 100 times better and since the sun is one of the main things in your movie you want to make its effects more realistic by adding shadows. Check out some of the tutorials here on it.

On your voice acting make sure your not "eating the microphone"- the sound was kind of fuzzy. To fix that you can just back off from the microphone a little plzz.

Butzbo responds:

thanks a lot for the advice,i'll try the shading,and about the voice,well, the microphone were with some interference and I had to increase the volume creating that problem,next time will be better worked,in that case i was a little hurried

well better than your first one

this one might or might not make it,fair chance of making it tho.the sound volume was way too low tho and it really made it hard to concentrate on the funny parts.im sure you all are wondering what funny parts but that is something that i am to lazy to tell you....