2006 Spoon Shorts 2

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These were quicker animations than the ones I made in the first one, but I wanted to make them to prove a few points, even if those points are kind of pointless. o_o;;

All voices by me, because everyone thinks I sound like a guy.
Music from Sword of Mana ( which I beat today :D ) or Legend of Mana.

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You're officially one of the coolest people I've ever encountered. Ever.

Those three pointless points will now be my guidelines to life.

LusikkaMage responds:



This was better than expected

I loved this! I especially like the third one. Parents spend time complaining about our interests while they as well waste their lives away with other things. My dad and I both waste our lives with our Arrested Development episodes on DVD. Also, Monty Python. You can't hate Monty Python.

Another thing I spend my life doing is watching Brave Little Toaster every weekend. No, it doesn't come on all that much anymore, but I own it on DVD.

Anyway, great flash and the third one was very relevant!

LusikkaMage responds:

Lol... I haven't seen that in forever, but I think it made me afraid to vacuum because that vacuum vacuum'd over it's own cord or something. o_O;;

Legend of Mana?!

That song from that third clip sounded a lot like a remix of Final Fantasy Adventure's boss theme song.

I heard the game was re-named.

LusikkaMage responds:

Aah. ;D Sword of Mana for GBA is a remake of Final Fantasy Adventure for GB. <3

Not Bad, Not Awesome

The graphics were fine, sound was not all that great... just another movie though. Umm not much to say here except that there could be some improvement in the length. Too many movies are being submitted with very short length, I think we can all agree that we appreciate a little bit more length in what we view. Other than that not bad.

LusikkaMage responds:

This is true about the length, but some of us are story-writing impaired. D:


Could've been better. I didn't get the first two, but the last one was funny(not the credits.) The voices were hard to hear. You should've used subtiltes.

2/5. Good try.

LusikkaMage responds:

So you've never taken a math class before? :P
Almost everyone I tutor asks, "What the heck is the practical purpose of this?"

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3.75 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2006
10:17 PM EDT
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