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Virtual Suicide

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I am very glad I have accumulated over 150,000 views, thats pretty darn cool, but I believe this cartoon is being misinterpereted. I was attempting to make a satire of a trend in consumerism, how products are being designed with "the customer in mind". I tried to expose the ridiculousness of how products are made to be so polite to the customer, with absurdly clear instructions, and easily navigable menus. I tried to create this illusion by presenting the game in a pleasent manner, with bright colours and cheerful music, etc. But the function of this "software" is to simulate your own death! That is pretty morbid and mildly disturbing. I figured the joke would be the irony of presenting the dark, content in such a ridiculous manner. I made the death animations far too slapstick, and that became the focus of the game. I am still happy so many people enjoyed it, and I am very happy because this is going to look pretty damn sexy in my portfolio, so keep playing and writing reviews.



Its horrible. but i give you 2 stars because the idea is funny

Very funny and cool

I loved it! my suicide note was:
Dear Family.

Uh this is virtual so I'm not hurting myself... Give my Articuyes and my Mewtwo to my brother, but before doing that, DESTROY Breog√°n's 2 Charizards and Volcat, (on second thought, steal the Volcat and give that to my brother as well)

An Articuyes is the imaginary evolved form of Articuno. My friend invented the Volcat to destroy my Articuyes :-D I recommend playing!!

quick fun



fun i think it is very clever but restricted

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rulerrrrrrrrrrr game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if im sick my life i can play this game and never die

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3.49 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2006
10:14 PM EDT
Gadgets - Webcam