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Introducing The Emo's

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Author Comments

Ever wonder how the stupid Emo craze started. Well here is the story on how it was created!! Also if your Emo I dont mean to make fun of you... Actually I DO! HAHAHA. Everyone that isnt emo and those who are enjoy this cartoon.




great work!


this is some funny stuff and its true


i have nothing against emos some of my friends are but was that a girl or a gay guy? other than that it was pretty good


Although I don't think they should die, I do find 'emo' kids fucking annoying.
They're just attention seekers who heard that 'emo' was 'cool'.
They just need to get real.
Even if they're having real problems, they don't have to bitch to everyone who will listen.
I can understand that some people like the style, but least they could do is spice it up with at least a little bit of originality.
I swear, all the kids who claim to be emo wear the exact same things.

wannna know hy there arent any gay emos left

it's because there already bitchy and whiny and lazy and there made fun of and emos are being killed all the time the reason is that gay emos are killed on the spot so either there not gay or there hiding it and i agree with axeman there scum that whine there trying to be something completlely diffrent but they end up bitchy and depressed and by the way dumb ases if you think your emo yet your not whiny not a loner and you dont slit your wristes guest what dumb ass your not emo your goth there and emos do deserve to be killed they just do there useless there is no room in the world for weak lazy pricks whos only goal in life is to bitch and whine and do what ever it takes to be noticed or pityed then threaten to kill themselves as a last resort but they never do they get all emotional and say they changed and it's a happy hug party for the whole family and then they go back to bitching until they either get beaten to death or they bleed to death they don'nt deserve to live and they should especially die if they have everything everyone else has but say NOONE UNDERSTANDS ME bull shit you just want attention!!!!! there i said cry or send me a message i have no dought you will try to be tough over the internet because your to much of a pussy to fight me in real life and all emo supporters should die to there not helping and unfortunetly there mostly girls dont call it sexist ive seen it 8 out of 10 emos are supported by a girl probably a girlfriend who has'nt gone emo yet still has hope for them and to all emos out there GET OFF YOUR ASS AND PULL YOUR WEIGHT WHO CARES WHAT EVERYONE ELSE THINKS JUST LIVE LIFE AND IF YOUR NOT HAPPY TO FUCKING BAD PEOPLE HAVE IT WAY WORSE THAN YOU SO SHOVE IT FAGS IF YOU LOVE SOMEONE HELP THEM IF YOUR UNHAPPY IT DOES'NT MATTER HELP THEM ANYWAY IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO THEN KILL YOURSELF

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Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2006
6:06 PM EDT
Comedy - Original