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The Coat

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When I watch this online it gets very laggy... is that something everyone is experiencing? In that case could someone tell me what's chewing power?


This is quite a piece and I've been working on it on and off for a year. I want proper reviews!

You might want to turn down the quality (hmm, never heard this before ^^).

That's all folks! Enjoy the show!

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dude make more movies....ive loved evrey1 of em!!!!!!!! your now on my fave list :D

What the guy before me said...

This was extremely cool. Loved it man, your are an excellent animator and its brilliant how you animated the main character in a trenchcoat, that must have been a challenge.

Graphics were rough but still well done and the fight scene was also very well animated and pretty cool. But yeah one thing that stood out was your use of a range of camera shot, angles and movement. Thats what brings an animation or movie to life and makes it a lot more engaging and interesting to the audience.

Haha, now I know you submitted this a while ago, and its kind of random how i stumbled onto this submission. Basically I looked at your site you hosted on ustudios.net. Pretty cool webhosting ey. I have my own flash site on there aswell.

Anyway you have a cool style with your animations and I look foward to your next productions.


Fickludd responds:

Kudos! Yeah it's a great hosting for sure. Glad you liked the animation, i'm gonna go check your site out now ^^.


I absolutely loved your preloader. It is a brilliant interpretation of Newgrounds logo and profile, and it set the mood perfectly.

Your animation is very good. Storywise you tie it together nicely in the end, and you transition nicely between the action sequences. It could have used more blood, but I might just be a bloodthirsty bastard.

Your choice of sound is, I suspect, also very thought through and helps the overall experience. I guess you could not find proper voice actors, and in that case your solution with text is ok. Nothing could bring a good animation down like bad voice work. I am a sucker for this type of dialogue - a blend of Sam Spade/Philip Marlowe/Max Payne disillusioned tough guy talk.

When it comes to graphics I have mixed impressions. Everything is very fluent, and your camera moves bring life and tension to it all. Your frame-by-frame animation is great, and the fighting is lovely coreographed. However, if there is anything I would complain about it is the roughness of your characters and backgrounds. Especially the details of faces, hands and such leaves soemthing to be desired.

You are a great animator. If you could focus a little more on the graphic details you would become greater still.

I am looking forward with anticipation to your next animation.

Fickludd responds:

Thanks, I put a lot of thought to the story! Regarding voice actors you are spot on. Yeah some of the graphics aren't that good and my style varies a bit because it was so long i production. Also the loads of gradients slow it down, I'll refrain from that in the future...

So: Tack så mycket för synpunkterna! Alltid kul med lite landsmän på nätet!

Could have been better as a Noir Game

It had combat and gun fights but certain parts of the game would have been more fun to play. Let me break down three scenarios in the game that could of had three completely different playing parts to make a diverse game.
The First Game would obviously start at the first door. The Coat Character the player plays could have the ability to take cover against the wall with the press of the space button and come out of cover with it pressed again and then the mouse could be used to aim and shoot the badguys in either first person or third. It'd be great.
The next game would take place in the room. The Coat Character realizes he must escape out elsewhere before the reinforcements arrive. The player will then have to figure out a more clever and less obvious way to get out the room because the windows might be bulletproof. With the windows bulletproof, the players can be allowed to use their minds to figure out how to use the items around them to escape the room and.
After that, a cut scene follows with a possible other game like the first one here at the second door but that would be repetitive. I would instead suggest a third game at the rooftoop fist to fist. The controls could be similar to other easy to play fighting games like Dad 'N Me. I'm not saying take their controls. I'm just saying come up with your own original controls and develop a great game.
You can. I know you could if you put your mind to it. This could be a great game. As a movie, it's cool but unoriginal and can be lost in the crowd of shootout movies in thousands of flashes that come along just like it. I'm not saying you didn't make something worthy of praise. I'm just saying that you are capable of making something worthy of more praise. It could be a more original movie with crazier and wildier NEW fight sequences and gunbattles. I believe in you. Give it a try.

Fickludd responds:

Indeed it could have been a great game. I'm making another great game though so no sweat :D

Not bad!

*Decent graphics
*Great sound
*Music selection seemed appropriate

Overall: Great flash production!

Fickludd responds:


Credits & Info

3.85 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2006
12:02 PM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place October 9, 2006