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Wow, that was incredible... o_o

What the heck?

Like the guy below me this didn't work - it just displayed something like ie displays when it can't find an image....

Good job!

I really liked the use of 3d animation next to the normal flat graphics, you really didn't overdo it and that's a good thing! I liked how you made use of the new filters but like i said before, you didn't overdo them.
This thing just reeked of style! I mean if it wasn't for all those people without flash 10 this would've been on the frontpage for months!! As i said before the use of 3d definitely wasn't a bad choice, and with the new flash 10 effects you really made the 3d fit in the animation!
I loved the sounds and the amazing voice actors, i mean you gathered soooo many voice actors together just so you could give each clock a different voice. That's really cool man. But i understand you had to lower the sound quality a tad because of the 10 mb restriction here on newgrounds. The full version on cc.net was top notch however! i felt like i was watching a real movie!!
The 'big bar brawl' chapter where there were shards of glas flying all over the place and you could actually see (!!) the reflection of the clocks in those shards, that was fucking ace!!! i loved how you did the blood effects too, without overdoing it like in some anime movies.
I only noticed this after watching the full thing 5 times that you could actually rotate the camera ANYTIME in the movie!! i don't think anyone has quite ever done something that big before! I also really liked the preloader game where you had to play as a ninja and had to sneak up on people to kill them! This must have taken you MONTHS to code!
The best part of this movie was without doubt the humor; at times it was silly slapstick humor, and other times it was downright sad. Normally i'm not a wussy boy but i really cried at the end . I'm not gonna give away anymore spoilers though, you'll have to watch and see for yourself ;-)
This has to be the most amazing thing to ever grace newgrounds, i'm showing this to all my friends and my family and my school actually gave us a holiday just so we could watch this! the script was utter brilliance and seriously i could go on forever !!!

I wish i could vote 5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 but i can't so you have my five!!

I'm fucking recomending this to everybody i know!!!


That was incredible.

First off the plot was imaginative and original. You don't get too much of that on NG these days, so nice job there. The sound was phenomenal as well, excellent choice all throughout the movie. The song during the climactic ending was one that I've never heard before, making it even better. While it was being epic though, it was also funny. The way you worked the subtle humor into it was a nice and refreshing escape from the seemingly 100% serious plot.

Nice job, I look forward to seeing more of your work someday.

Loved it

I love all the easter eggs you've put in there, it's a great movie and I'm amazed how well flash 10 compresses the file size and lets it run so fucking smoothly, if that was on flash 9 or below I'd still be watching it because it'd be at like 3fps but it's running at fucking 50 fps or something. I love the 3D effects. Keep it up, I hope to see more.

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Oct 8, 2006
10:33 AM EDT
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