EMU 1.4

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This is EMU, the Flash Operating System Game.

(Feb 2015) EMU 2.0 is under development again. There's no release date, but it's getting closer.

---Older Edits---
**There's nothing after ADV level.**
**You cannot get into the System Folder.**
EDIT: In response to many of th reveiws, there was going to be more after the ADV gui stage but I got bored (2 months is a long time) so I tidied it up and uploaded it. :) Another one? Maybe, but not any time soon.
Hi there!
This is the first public release of EMU, my Flash OS (based on an old MS-DOS game I did a while ago). You have to try and get to the end by looking closely at things in the system, such as appliction code.
I'm aware that there may still be a few bugs to iron out in this edition, so please e-mail or PM me if there are any problems :).
%u2022 Includes Neave Space Invaders and other games and gadgest from flashkit.



Ah this takes me back to the salad days retro computers simple programming and easy access via hacking er I mean how do you hack?! who! what! when! where! how!

Just kidding if you read this PM me I really want to know how to make something like this

woot, this rocks!!!

i made it to the adv folder, but got bored, add more please!


i like all these ppl that say that they hate it, its not that hard to do all u have to do is put in simple commands as if you were running command prompt on windows <3

Good simulation

I really felt as if I'm a hacker when playing this game. And I must apologise that i got the password for the adv folder from one of the reviews (yet i still can't figure out why that's the password) =P Definately favourited

Just a question: can all the applications' script be viewed using appview.appl? i somehow can't see the script for a lot of applications, like splash.appl, folacsess.appl, input.appl etc. I can only see the scripts for simplegui, appview, and folswitch. Is it supposed to be like this?

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great game but

there are some problems such as when on folswitch it wont let you leave to the stat anymore and yuo have to restart the whole thing

also does the alias bar do anything?

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3.06 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2006
8:46 AM EDT
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