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EMU 1.4

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This is EMU, the Flash Operating System Game.

(Feb 2015) EMU 2.0 is under development again. There's no release date, but it's getting closer.

---Older Edits---
**There's nothing after ADV level.**
**You cannot get into the System Folder.**
EDIT: In response to many of th reveiws, there was going to be more after the ADV gui stage but I got bored (2 months is a long time) so I tidied it up and uploaded it. :) Another one? Maybe, but not any time soon.
Hi there!
This is the first public release of EMU, my Flash OS (based on an old MS-DOS game I did a while ago). You have to try and get to the end by looking closely at things in the system, such as appliction code.
I'm aware that there may still be a few bugs to iron out in this edition, so please e-mail or PM me if there are any problems :).
%u2022 Includes Neave Space Invaders and other games and gadgest from flashkit.


Fun for geeks

This is a great idea and I wish I had thought of it when making games for my programming classes. It took me about 5 minutes to get to finish, though most of that was writing stuff down. Sadly, a lot of people don't recognize that if something's not their cup of tea, they shouldn't vote on it. Nor if they don't know anything about command lines and keep entering run(simplegui) -_- .

Great game!

Just an idea: You should put something after ADV so that we can access the SYSTEM folder. Also it should be available in ADVGUI an application code reader...

That is what I would like to appear(Considering that editing(using cookies or flash data...) is too much...)

But it already deserves all my 10; it would be the best for these features to appear in 2.0.


Ok, this was an awesome game, and might be hard to play, but it was incredible. It feels really authentic, too, and I love navigating through the files. Oh, and if you get stuck at the password part of the ADV file thingy, you actually have to press the little [Go] box, NOT just press enter. I got stuck at that for like 30 minutes because I thought I was entering the wrong password =p

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10/10 awsome for you retards who cant do it it has to do with appveiw.appl.

and if you need to read that your RETARDED!!!

nice !!!

I think this game is worth a 10+, because, even while its easy for me, and small, theres a lot of stuff hidden in there :D, and it gives a bit information for script-kiddos :D so nice job man !!!

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3.06 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2006
8:46 AM EDT
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