EMU 1.4

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This is EMU, the Flash Operating System Game.

(Feb 2015) EMU 2.0 is under development again. There's no release date, but it's getting closer.

---Older Edits---
**There's nothing after ADV level.**
**You cannot get into the System Folder.**
EDIT: In response to many of th reveiws, there was going to be more after the ADV gui stage but I got bored (2 months is a long time) so I tidied it up and uploaded it. :) Another one? Maybe, but not any time soon.
Hi there!
This is the first public release of EMU, my Flash OS (based on an old MS-DOS game I did a while ago). You have to try and get to the end by looking closely at things in the system, such as appliction code.
I'm aware that there may still be a few bugs to iron out in this edition, so please e-mail or PM me if there are any problems :).
%u2022 Includes Neave Space Invaders and other games and gadgest from flashkit.



I really liked this game\puzzle\interface\gui whatever!
Reminded me of the cheats mini game in the first matrix game...
I personally really liked puzzling out what to do, and how to get to the next step. To make the game more appealing you should probably create better "prizes" for finding our how to get to each next step.
More interesting games to unlock perhaps, or some cool pics....I have no idea, I'm sure you can think of something.


Is there something after the adv gui? I got there and have been messing around for a bit, i won't need hints, just wondering if there is something more after this.


Could you put some instructions in, or in the description, to explain some really basic inputs. I'm a little confused, don't think I was even alive when this type of computing was around.

possibly the most confusing game ever

wow this was confusing, it seemed like fun, but i didnt even know what you were supposed to do, was there a goal? i tried entering that note thing it told me to but that juust brought me to a page where i was even more confused, still it looked like fun if you arnt me and could actually understand it, you should have been more specific in what the goal of the game was, if there was one....

It makes me feel smart

The concept, while not new is one not regularly chosen by most flash artists. It would've been better if it was as huge as your intro.note claimed it to be. No worries. No cheats will be revealed here ;)

samUK2005 responds:

Ahehe...The intro note was written back in July, and I forgot to change it :D
I hope it'll be huge one day... :)
Thanks for reviewing and getting to the end!!!

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Oct 8, 2006
8:46 AM EDT
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