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look,unlike other uzi union movies,i put alot of effort into this not getting blammed,please understand that this took me a week and I only mean well with this submission ENJOY!!!


no point

there is seriously no point to this at all if you have something important to say please say it dont just end it like that sorry but thumbs down

You seem to have uploaded an incomplete version

What is the very important thing you have to say?

Needs more work

You've got an intro that looks like it is probably the standard intro on all of your group's movies, and about 3 seconds worth of toon after that.

In those 3 seconds, an uzi union character says they have something to say... But then he doesn't say anything. In fact, the movie goes back to the play button.

If this is what you can do in a week, then well done. But it doesn't matter if you have worked on this 2 hours or 2 years. The toon is not up to scratch, and shouldn't have been submitted until it was finished.

Try again, and please make sure your Uzi Union is a group that enjoys entertaining people, and not just a vehicle to spam Newgrounds with crappy entries.

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1.65 / 5.00

Oct 7, 2006
10:16 PM EDT
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