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Don teaches the Rebels some Elemental Logic. Oh yea.

MORE TURTLE RANDOMNESS IN www.toonimated.com!!!


Sorry Julian, better luck next time

The art was good, you have that as a strongpoint but like the style of the animation was terrible, the voice acting was not English sounding enough to understand without subtitles (but like I can understand that, I've heard Rodrigo before :P), violence was okay, no interactivity, and like, there was barely any humour. You're a jump higher than LegendaryFrog but like it's a different kind of unfunny.

LegendaryFrog is the kind where you'll hear his jokes, get them immedietly, and think, "Whoa, that was lame."

The jokes in this movie were like, "Oh great... here comes another scream from the guy with the blue blindfold. Not funny." You just repeated way too much to the point where you were trying to be a zany psychotic internet-goer, and you failed.

Good luck with your next movie or whatever, I hope to see better quality shit than this. =[

Toonimated responds:

lol, Zaeon...It had to be ZAEON the one that wrote this review.

You're the most stupid person i've met haha.

I want my bandwidth, brain cells, and time back.

You only make yourself look worse when you combine highly detailed images with a non existant intelligence. Because it shows how stupid you really are for being able to draw in great detail but not to express anything in detail.

The word "donkey" was the funniest thing about this animation (that's a bad thing). The gameboy thing was semi funny. Please get a script writer or for that matter someone who knows what funny is. If you are simply trying to weird people out you are succeeding but this just feels empty. You havent even really referenced their personalities from the cartoon except to show that Donny is smart. The scene with the tattoo on Donatello's arm reminded me of that lunatic in "Rebecca". Everything here is a blatant rip off combined with childish toilet humour. At least make their voices a bit more individual sounding. I see where you are aiming with the postmodern thing but it really needs a lot of work.


good gfx, but the humor needs to be worked with, normally Im a sucker for random jokes(makes me laugh quite easy), but this just didnt do it for me, sorry.

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Damn that was bad

There are people who make funny movies. And then those are those who try. I have to admitt, at least you are trying. I thought it was pretty horrible.

The Breakdown:

They were ok, but nothing new, i understand that not all are perfect artists (bad guys series for one), but they were pretty bad.

Very poor. It was a few of the jokes are cliched, and it's just not cool. That animation is like Kevin Federline

Not everyone has the best recording equipment, but turn down the hotness of the mics

Nothing to talk about

I got to press play (I think)

That was just not funny. The jokes were pretty stale and the donkey type joke was similar to a family guy episode (which was the best joke in the animation). I like terrible flash, movies (or awesomely bad), but this is opn the line with ultraviolet, and catwoman. I wanted to stab myself in the leg to divert the pain.

I think i have cancer now...

didnt like it

didnt like this, the graphics and sound were ok but not my kind of humor, 2 out of 5

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4.01 / 5.00

Oct 7, 2006
7:12 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody