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Don teaches the Rebels some Elemental Logic. Oh yea.

MORE TURTLE RANDOMNESS IN www.toonimated.com!!!


I want my bandwidth, brain cells, and time back.

You only make yourself look worse when you combine highly detailed images with a non existant intelligence. Because it shows how stupid you really are for being able to draw in great detail but not to express anything in detail.

The word "donkey" was the funniest thing about this animation (that's a bad thing). The gameboy thing was semi funny. Please get a script writer or for that matter someone who knows what funny is. If you are simply trying to weird people out you are succeeding but this just feels empty. You havent even really referenced their personalities from the cartoon except to show that Donny is smart. The scene with the tattoo on Donatello's arm reminded me of that lunatic in "Rebecca". Everything here is a blatant rip off combined with childish toilet humour. At least make their voices a bit more individual sounding. I see where you are aiming with the postmodern thing but it really needs a lot of work.


i really love your TMNT: REBEL serie, it roxorz the boxorz! Like some other people, i really don't get it why some people didn't like it... it was funny like hell! "so as i was telling you before, pineapples are yellow"
About the fact they're naked... it took me like like 3 or 4 episodes to notice they were naked (i didn't watch the 1st episode first...) so when i realized they were i was lmfao
i love your work, it has to be one of those only flashed i can watch 100 times before i get bored :P
keep that way!
random = pwnage :D

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The dialogue has potential, but it's delivered rather poorly, so it's not as funny as it could be...

but on the plus side, the drawings and animations were decent.

well, im stilll trying to understand it.......

Maybe is just too complicated for me, but anyway it was cool, but why are they naked!!??? I donĀ“t get it Why? why? why? why?

The bes part is when the picture of the parent......that was actually funny!!!


w00tzor! That flash rocks! Keep up the good work man!

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4.01 / 5.00

Oct 7, 2006
7:12 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody