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Destiny Road Adventure

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A touching story of adventure, love, and action. A young orphan boy named Gina leaves his home and travels to the mighty god of his land, only to find that the only way he can answer his question is to travel to the end of Destiny Road, a path that only one man has ever completed and lived to tell the tale.

The Road, however lies in the country of Japan, ruled by the Dark Lord Crazy eyes, and his minions. The dark lord must stop Gina from completing his journy, or according to the prophecy, his Empire will fall for no reason.

Now Gina must not only walk the Longest road in the world but fight the evil army of Crazy eyes, all the while trying to find the answer to his question.

I've been working on this one for quite a spell. Thanks to Tim Jewell who let did some voices and let me use one of his charecters, and overall made the cartoon look better, and of course his constant help on the scipt.

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Awesome "dramatic walking" at the end, I thought it was really good. And great explanation from Dark Lord Crazy Eyes on why bad guys send their lowest grunts out first, instead of simply destroying their enemies the first chance they get. Cool. :)


that was a great flash. they hired a cheese to be a henchman. funny.
but i didn't like the "bonus toon"


the music in there is mainly from video games i have played

kingdom hearts, ffx, etc

Good Job


This was very funny!! Good job!

Very Funny

"I'm happier than a pedophile at a Chucky Cheese."