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An Emo's Story

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Author Comments

There once was a story of an emo who was misunderstood by all the school children, and whos girlfriend broke up with him. To compensate for his loss he decides to steal a radio and runs to the park to reflect on his miserable life.

Note: you can notice a gap in quality in this movie between the scenes and stuff, this has been an on and off project for several months and is my first flash submitted to the portal, but overall id say its a moderate start for me.





i think

the emo kids were cute :3
just saying
i thought they were cute looking

i liked that, though, it was epic >:D
sort of

Haha Nice!

Lol the ending was the best part.

not bad

honestly you shouldnt worry about any one picking on any one in this world we got to laugh at ourselves sometimes whether we are emo or goth black white hispanic asian whatever do you think i bitch when someone makes fun of me for being white hell no i think its funny when black people think white people are crazy haha just like if people make fun of emos do you really think emos give a damn if they are made fun of they go about their business any way good flash

Locked-Ghost responds:

I understand your plight, but honestly making fun of an emo is a bit more deserving than making fun of a hispanic or black person. Because emos whine about the simplest things to get attention, the worlds problems rest on their shoulders. Thank you for your review.

Stfu Axle-5, you're just jealous

He's just jealous that he can't do any better. Nice job, just try do do something on a happier note next time. ^.^;

Locked-Ghost responds:

I didnt even get to see what that loser said, I think his review got deleted =P. The emo thing is a one time thing my next flash will be much more not hateful.

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Credits & Info

2.59 / 5.00

Oct 6, 2006
5:31 PM EDT
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