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Trick Witchery

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Happy Halloween everyone!

My sixth game, I suggest you press "L" for low quality although having it on high gives you an advantage cause you have more time to react due to lag :)


it's ok i guess

you cant really escape or collect the pumpkins too gut as you keep getting brought back into the middle controls are very stiff. good effort like the idea.

Peturo responds:

you use up and down keys to escape the pumpkins and left and right to collect them

Pretty cool!

Not very original, but the graphics were nice. Try working on the controls though, their kinda stiff and definitely need a little work......

Peturo responds:

yeah i dont think ill be going back over this game it was just a little fun for the contest :D i aggree though the controls are quite bad but its just difficult to get them right by the way i designed the game. next time i will sort out the controls a lot better


The controls where very weird and hard to control and when you moved so did the pumpkins almost as if they where moving with you or something, and the music got annoying after awhile. D=

Peturo responds:

yeah its just a weird perspective cause the pumpkins and you are up in the air they move at a differnt speed to the ground i just didnt want a fully top-down game so i used a 30 degree angle looking down

oh yeah!

hey thanks for using my music in this flash! i'm really impressed with the graphics and skill level. but i think i have to agree with Funky Master M, this music sucks dick.

Peturo responds:

ha well then thats a honest opinion i just liked it though.. i looked through like at least 50 songs before i chose this one..


this is cool and fun and i like the whole flying around going up and down deal but i am not too happy about the music. but hey you are a programmer so i cant really blame you on that one.

Peturo responds:

ah thanks yeah music is a big part of games, i took a while looking for a suitable music loop but then in the end i thought this track just matched the colours but not really the style of game. The artist is Crud

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3.95 / 5.00

Oct 6, 2006
12:10 PM EDT
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