Zelda: Gorons Need Liquor

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I never thought I would get this done.
Thanks for The Weekly 71st

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was the bartender (you know dude loves a dude) cause he married a guy?????

TX2 responds:

It could be his wife is just very ugly.
Way to call that bartender's wife a guy. I'm sure she appreciated that.

this is funny i like it

i have seen this video about a million times on both youtube and here and its good just one question did you use a camera to film it just wondering any love your work

TX2 responds:

We had a camera that could record footage through an AV input.
It doesn't work anymore, though

yaaaaa no just no

hays click on the new grounds sighs thy will^this

Good, but too long

This movie had some funny moments as well. The part after the Goron took the drink was pretty funny and well made with the time-slow scene. "Do you have any idea how fast you were going?" was a good one too. After that I think the movie dragged on a bit, and I think some scenes could´ve been left out. Such as the Dodongo scene and the scene with Clarence. Basicly the whole ending could´ve been better as it ended quite abruptly too. If you were planning to end it abruptly, you might as well have ended it after the "When I´m drunk I am the second best driver, only to myself"-joke.

Anyways the voiceacting was good as always. I assume that BarryToon guy did some of the voices as well, and I thought they were very good. He also has a good voice for this.

Another point of critic that I have by the way is: Why you have not subtitled the conversations in this one? You didn´t even bother to change the original text or anything. Original text was barely readable though, but I think you should´ve subtitled it again like you did in your older voice-overs. Makes it way easier to follow the movie.

Overall 8 out of 10, 4 out of 5. A good and entertaining movie, but not your best voice-over if I´m honest.



i think its great

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3.93 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2006
1:09 PM EDT
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