UU - Evil Kitty Krew Plan

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Lisard is a huge faggot who should die RIGHT NOW.

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Uzis VS kittys

Uzi's duh.

You even managed to irritate the Kitty Krew.

I liked the flash, even more I liked that you pissed off the kitty krew with it, "Better Animators" my black little heart, I would watch this movie, I see few problems with it and it is offensive in a good way for once, I am proud to say I helped get this into newgrounds.

I'm E-famous! :D

Thanks for the buetiful post of mine. I don't think we would really try to do anything to you...But the constant ripping on us is no good.

Basically it was a mediocre flash, you managed to impress newgrounds by ripping on the kitty krew and really doing no work yourself. I mean, the whole thing is like 3 tweens. Well whatever, it was bad.

If only the people of newgrounds could see that we are better animators than you.

<3 Homicidal kitty

PillowUzi responds:

<3 :3


what this about a backlash great intro really nice aniamtion and then it went on to ng rewiews and a nasty face icon not really a movie but still its was quite good but what UU mean

PillowUzi responds:

uh, ok?

voted 3

This was onme of the best UU movies so far. It gives a well representation of the never ending struggle against spamming crews. (Me and my three homies will be there soon ebough.) And I thought it was really funny when the angry face came out of no where.

A little bit short. And that first intro was totally stolen form the blocked band with only minor changes. Also it was mostly tweens and that ending was definantly unesecary.

PillowUzi responds:

We are also the BlockedBand silly :]
And thanks

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2.07 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2006
12:38 PM EDT
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