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For you retarded drivers

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I had this crazy idea when cycling back from uni today. Not gonna spoil it for yall.

Edit: By retarded drivers i meant drivers who shouldnt be on the road. not drivers in general.

also apparently irony seems to be foreign to a lot of viewers here on newgrounds cept for the special few

about lacking facial features thats just one of my character design styles

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Well i don't know

It might be the ramen rider who sould do something, but you make a point the driver sould/must look around him before he drives. Here in Norway it isn't a big deal becouse it happens all the time that a retard wants to be a brain less zombie guy on a bike. And of course that ends up with many body bags... sadly. But hey! Good short movie with a moral.


whats a ramen rider?
it sounds like someones who rides their bike while eating noodles
or someones who wears a bowl of green ramen on their head
haha another funny random vid :]
9/10 5/5

made a little bit of sense but

WTF (meaning who the f*ck not what etc.) was that guy on the bike? why did he have a sign saying rameon driver? why did he have a . . . err. . . thingy on his head? please explain.

nice one

a little short for my tastes, but a brilliant animation and a very good concept to this one. i know a few people that i know and go to work with that should've been in this animation.... they are HORRIBLE drivers.
good work on this one, i liked it.

voted 4

Some very nice graphics you got here. Great animation too. And I think I saw some vcam in there. And a very great topic to make a movie on. A very seriouse one at that.

It was pretty short. And not exactly the most exiting movie no offense. And at the end the smashed up car was just laying in a big thing of blue nothingness. That kind of confused me.