Happy Halloween 2006

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Thank you for awarding this the daily top 3rd prize!!!

I added the Newgrounds Halloween loader and link to the Halloween Collection for the contest. Wish me luck!

This is a halloween cartoon that gets you ready for the festive fall season as well as gets you in a creepy mood. Yes, it's a screamer. I'm using this as a Halloween party invitation. Happy Halloween!


An invitation?!

Even if I hated you, I'd probably go to a party of yours, based on this invitation. Way to sell your party!

Art-by-Andy responds:

haha... that's so funny because it's true. Last year we had friends fly-in from out-of-town. But also, if you'd see how we decorate the houes, you couldn't refuse the invite. We're Halloween CRAZY here.

i didn't jump but my heart stopped for a half sec

wow lol nice flash but to short Z:/

Art-by-Andy responds:

Thank you! "too short" is a great compliment because it tell me you want MORE! :) Most of my animations are short. I think it's because I have a short attention span so I design for others with the same lack of attention. I like it short and sweet. (animations, that is) :)

damn this is scary

I knew what would happen. damn that was wierd

Art-by-Andy responds:

Thanks for the scores! Yes, most people knew that would happen since the song "pop goes the weasel" and the toy "jack-in-the-box" is pretty popular. :)


i think i just shit my pants...haha for awhile i was waiting when it showed the doorbell i didnt know you had to click it lol

Art-by-Andy responds:

haha... YES!!! I achieved my goal. Even if it just scared you and no one else in this world, I'd be happy. Thanks for being honest. I think other folk would lie and be like, "that didn't scare me". Honestly, it scared me a few times too and I created the little bastard! hehe. Also, I was worried that people wouldn't know to press the doorbell but I also kind-of like the mystery involved. You know, do I press it??? I guess I'll try. Afterall, it is a doorbell that has a spotlight on it AND it's blinking. :) I know people are smart enough to figure that out... eventually. hehe. Thanks for the high scores!

Nice graphics

The graphics were awesome, so was your style of alnimating, but did you want that to be scary or something? seiously, halloween! halloweeN!!

Art-by-Andy responds:

Thanks for the high scores! And thanks for commenting on my graphics and animation style. I work hard to achieve that so you mentioning it means a lot to me. And yes, it was suppose to be scary!!! I bet you were really scared but you're just pissed about it. hehe... just joking. I'll get'cha next time! Thanks again!

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Oct 5, 2006
10:52 AM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place October 6, 2006