This MOVIE is SHIT vol. 1

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This Movie is Shit volume 1, a series of garbage.

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The title was pretty accurate.

Well, this movie was pretty bad (with the exception of the opening graphics and the music). Here are some of the things I noticed about it:

Graphics: 3/10. The graphics for the first part of the flash were quite good, as the Matrix-style background was cool. Unfortunately, it went downhill from there. The rest of the flash had bad backgrounds, bad drawings, and crappy animation. In other words, once the opening sequence was done, the rest of the flash sucked, in terms of graphics.

Style: 2/10. The opener was pretty well-done in terms of style, too. But yet again, your flash went downhill. The rest of the flash had no plot or storyline. In addition, the flashing part after the nude girl flash was not surprising, and it was not needed. Finally, the video had absolutely no place in the flash; stylistically, the flash would have flown better without it.

Sound: 7/10. The sound was quite clear, except for the scream during the flashing text part of the flash. The scream did not fit in at all with the rest of the flash (and it sounded bad), so that's why there were sound points deducted.

Violence: N/A. No violence here, so I can't rate that.

Interactivity: N/A. It wasn't a game, so I can't rate that.

Humor: 1/10. You do get one point for humor because you actually gave an accurate title for your movie, which was slightly amusing. However, the humor in the actual flash (screaming, scat humor) was not funny at all.

Overall: 3/10. The first part of the flash was quite good, but unfortunately, the rest of the flash was horrible. Overall, this was a mediocre flash.

Haha Zomg

It are these kinds of shitty movies that keep society alive, no lie.
Without shitty movies like these, we would all lose our senses of humour and become boring.
But no, NO, this movie will not have that.
This movie will stun philosophers for DECADES to come.
Great job guys

At Least it Stays True to the Title

I laughed at one point. It served as a sufficient diversion from the English Essay I have to do.

well it is

by the title a shit movie where do you go from here when you know what is already going to be shit well it was not funny a donkey pooing very funny not and well its so dumb


This is the shittiest movie Ive ever seen and by that I meen its realy good but I needed a face expression from the donky while he crapped the big one....
other than that it was realy good..
anyway smell ya later ;)

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3.45 / 5.00

Oct 4, 2006
2:48 PM EDT
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