Game of Disorientation

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Hurra!! Not walking into spiky walls of death has never been so disorienting.

P.S. You get ten super amazing bonus points if you pop some illegal pills before playing.


very original,but...

...this game gives me sea sickness...BWEUEUEUEURK! OMG!

Gahaha excellent work there!

Completely original, fun, and creative. A great idea left to run rampant without any clothes! Seriously keep making work like this Newgrounds gets crap, albeit sometimes fun crap! I have never seen something so incredible! And what's with the glowing killer men eh? And I only gave sound a 0 because I didn't have speakers...

creativity & originality ~ what NG is all about

Looks like you got yourself a damn good, original, fun game there :) only thing i have against is how you're not given a choice of difficulty reduction, and you're just automatically bumped down, so giving a coice is a great idea, then you'll have you'reself a game that no1 should give suggestions on addition, cuz as far as i can see everything else is great, xept the graphics, but in this game, its perfectly acceptable. Also the sound isn't totally totally up to snuff, but sound isn't something that we all thrive on having to drool over, it's just something that stands out when it sucks and totally climaxes us all when it kicks ass :) so overall great, great, job, and i look forward to seeing more creative works, however, don't let this get to u too much, because games like this can get pretty repetetive if you dont have other things along w/ it in mind, besides improving visual audio quality and difficulty


its ridiculous how something so simple is so hard! this provided me with hours of enjoyment and entertainment. this was awesome.

crazy scripting, i presume


not bad

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4.19 / 5.00

Oct 3, 2006
8:38 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other