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Yoshi's Island Gone Wrong

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~Recommended: Flash Player 8 (Medium Quality)~
This is something I whipped up a few months ago and with A-Levels and all...I'm too busy to improve this movie any longer. Please be gentle, this is my first TRUE flash.

Also I've been hearing that there's a specific amount of sprite-haters. If I'm ever going to make a next submission, I can guarantee that it won't be a sprite movie. In fact, I was discussing with the Flash forums that a sequel is to be drawn.

*still nervous*

Hope you enjoyed the movie. :)

[Yoshi's Island © Nintendo]


the icons..

the icons in the top left corner were so.. there.. (They looked nice.) (Prime Koopa? who is Kamek the Magikoopa?) And sprite movies rule, we could use more of them like this one

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That widescreen made it look smecksay!

Nice work, truly deserves a better score than it has.

That was crazy.

As the previous reviewer said, this does deserve a better score.

That was hella sweet!

It's sweet of you to pay your tribute to Steve Irwin with that! I'm gonna keep voting 5 until I get bored of it! Come to think of it, I'l just '5' you anyway! HIGH FIVE!!!

that was good

but you should have put a little more bloopers

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Credits & Info

3.55 / 5.00

Oct 3, 2006
5:34 PM EDT
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