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Tetris flash edition!

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Hi! diamond armada here with what hopefully will be a gsuccessful remake of Tetris! Hope you enjoy!

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i know ur were a oob at flash when u made this uve improved majiorly over the years...
this is good for as noob
(better then me)


It is just another Tetris game. I guess it was good, but it needed to be more difficult. Maybe use the Tetris theme song. But it has a few bugs. If I stoped the music, the music wouldn't start up again. And then during one game, it stopped in the middle and said "Game Over" But my Tetris tower wasn't even near the top..
So it was okay, but it has already been done.


ok its not the animation game thingy its just..omg i hate this game so much..and tbh youve not made it any more fun...Wheres the power ups!! wheres the things blah blah blah I hated it...Maybe theres somthing wrong with me cos i hate tetris but this is just even more boring then the orginial...Why no new blocks. Why no levels? Why nothing :S its pointless endless and useless

Just another Tetris game.

There are so many different types of Tetris games, and while I love the original game to death, it can get very boring if not mixed with some fiery pzaz. The music gave me a migraine, and the graphics (in my opinion) weren't all to pleasing.

Next time when copying a popular game, try to think on how you can improve upon it, and make it more interesting.

i liked it, but...

to make any tetris remake great... you have to make it as much like the original tetris as possible... i know it sounds stupid, but it's true. that's why i liked this one. old gb music, and the blocks were actually like "blocks" instead of that like stright line bullshit i se in alot of them. only thing that could make this better i would say is the animation for when you get rid of a line. then you'd be golden. so pretty good, just givin out some constructive critizism (not sure if that's spelled correctly. lol)


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3.87 / 5.00

Oct 2, 2006
4:58 PM EDT