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Shortz: A Series 2

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Author Comments

Watch the frist one if you've never seen it. Thanks! I like reviews Sam I am, but I do not like green eggs and ham. Please be kind and review. I'll love you forever!

A series of shorts. All of them were made by me,Tony Whitver, except for one by Bobby Quinn. I put BQ at the bottom of his.

No I don't hate the clocks in fact, they are good people.

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More Flair loosing it hehe


Well, I suppose the last Shortz came out yesterday, so for this to come out today in all its glory is... urmm well... quite amazing really.
I wouldn't say this was quite as well put together graphics and sound wise, but still the humor is brilliant and just do more clocks jokes. WHOOOOO GO EXPLODING CLOCKS!
Everlasting fan of MaddFlash and all the other Maddflashes out there, goodnight!


The intro was horribly amateur

The graphics were all over the place, generally bad
The animation was.... pathetic
The music for the most part was good
There were some really poor quality sound for the NWO thing

When all is said and done, this whole flash was a bunch of random shorts put together in a poor slap stick fashion.

MaddFlash2 responds:

Make flash and then talk to me....oh shit you did. BLEH


I really enjoyed it. Funny how you put tons of random stuff in one flash. This has it all, sprites, death, strawberry, and Waynes World. Keep up the good work.