Rosethorne - part 1

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I know...the audio blows. If anyone has suggestions on how to improve the sound quality, please email me. gerimi1@earthlink.net . Maybe I just need better equipment. Right now I'm just using an Apple Plaintalk mic and editing w/ Macromedia Soundedit.

It took me way to long finish the first part. Hopefully I can knock out parts 2 & 3 in about a month each.


very good

i have a very different opinion on this movie then most first of all i blame the parents for what happened for obvius reasons 1. her father obviously hated her and was out to get her merely because she was gothic 2.her parents refused to listen to her and figure out why she was so angry instead her mother slapped her 3. her mother actualy said she didnt blame the teachers for treating her poorly if i was her mother i would look into that deeper and find out exactly what it was that the teachers did to her in my opinon her parents pushed her into using black magic to kill them


this was fucking kool shit man...i got a laugh when that chick got slapped...keep it up, cant wait for the rest

good grafix

but i seriously hope that these kinda bitches will all burn in hell... (i wont say they could suck my dick as an insult because they cant)

nice images.

looked real good, nice style. But the last thing we need is another story about a spoiled teenager who has everything given to them and then freaks out when they don't their way. She needs a couple more slaps from her mom.

kudos on the art... now on to the other stuff

good art, bad sound. The plot, as well, leaves something to be desired... frustrated goth girl kills summons otherworldly forces to assinate her parents because they wouldnt let her out on a school night. If your trying to make her the heroine, you may want to make the grievances against her somewhat more untolerable to gain our sympathy. In the words of a previous reviewer, she comes off "stupid and bitchy." but keep on drawing; the art was the saving grace of that piece.

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Oct 7, 2001
3:56 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature October 8, 2001