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Rosethorne - part 1

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I know...the audio blows. If anyone has suggestions on how to improve the sound quality, please email me. gerimi1@earthlink.net . Maybe I just need better equipment. Right now I'm just using an Apple Plaintalk mic and editing w/ Macromedia Soundedit.

It took me way to long finish the first part. Hopefully I can knock out parts 2 & 3 in about a month each.



.. heheheh. Nothing like a little gothbitch comedy to brighten your day.

heh. Stupid teenage goth wannabes.

It's a subject we just can't get sick of. Yeah, I was one of those once too... but didn't poor Rose learn anything from Rod Ferrell? Oh, well. I hope she's not late for her after school job at the local Burger King.

The sad part is that the first part of this movie reminds me of the teenage years of just about everyone I know. It speaks to me...

anyway, I'm in awe of anything good made with flash seeing as how I totally suck at flash in every conceivable way... but I'm learning, I promise.


I know this is politicly incorrect but I thought it was FUNNY! Maybe it's just how I don't take things seriously, but if I saw this happen in real life I would find it funny too... Hmm, must be me! :)

what a wannabe

her dad should have punched the shit out of her, jeez, what a whiny spoiled bitch, wannabe goth, her voice is way to high to denote any hint of evil or coldheartedness. but i LOVED the sketch style and dynamic camera angles, very nice job there, and good usage of the straighten smooth and optimize options.


I don't know, I'm not sure that marduk or any other ancestor of the necronomicon would answer the demands of some goth chick for resons so vain as destroying her parents because she wouldn't let her go out on a school night. I also want to know if what she said was actually the summoning of one of the 50 names or some dumb incantation the author made up. Please respond to this!!!

Gerimi responds:

The incantation is from Anton LaVey's Satanic Bible. I'm not into devil worship or anything. I just did some research because I figured anything I wrote for the spell would just sound ridiculous ( not that the one I used was brilliant, but at least it's authentic)

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Oct 7, 2001
3:56 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature October 8, 2001