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The Orphan: Part 1

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Update:First off, thanks again for the positive remarks as well as my brief stay on the front page.
Secondly,for everyone who hated the voice it should comfort you to know that the protagonist pretty much never speaks for the rest of the series and if it is truly that distracting from the overalll mood, I may consider changing it in the far distant future.
Also, some of the sound-quality issues as well as the size of the window itself derive both from the peculiar methods used to make this movie and the need to keep down the file-size. The movie itself- although it was originally created in Flash- is in fact, an embedded avi and I had to do it this way for a variety of reasons which are really not worth explaining. So hopefully that clears up some of your questions.

"The Orphan" was completed in September of 2005 under a different title. As it was originally conceived, the film had a more humourous aspect. While successully received by the audience for whom it had been intended, the jokes were of an exclusive nature that precluded a wider release. After Foolscaponline.com was established, we realized that the effort Cal had put into the movie merited its use on the website. Therefore, we have re-tooled the film, with an altered plot and original music. We have also made an effort to refine our focus on the film's original theme, which was intended to be an experiment with the storytelling of classic horror.
Please feel free to judge whether or not our experiment has been a success and watch for the subsequent episodes in the coming months.
-Foolscap Productions

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This is pretty good so far and am going to watch the other episodes. I also didn't mind Drügal's voice and thought it wasn't bad at all. Nice job!

I am still enjoying this amazing creepy masterpiece and hoping that Part 4 will come out some day.


...Freaky awesome


Kind of confusing, lol. Off to see Part2!


poor guy got kicked out