NLO - 9/11

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Thank you Sirtom for front page.
Now people will hate you too, hehe.

Warning: If you dont find 9/11 jokes funny, do not watch this.

Audio clip from a comedy podcast named

And now, LIMITED EDITION of towery t-shirt!




I love your animation and creativity put into this flash but I think the people from the pod cast are going to hell...

That was.....

Uhhh I realy dont know what to think....


i didnt know how to rate this so i just put 5. i like how you draw. and towery was cute... in a dark and cynical kind of way... only in cartoons, people. only in cartoons.

what i really wanted to say is this, the dumbest thing about stuff like this is not the animations or the jokes or wutever, its you people and your opinions. my guess is more than half of you dont have any idea what youre talking about.

you "hate" it, you give it zero, you call it insensitive. do you really care? seriously? or are you just too full of pride to admit that it doesnt really matter to you? are you really offended by the animation or are you just standing up for your deluded pride? im not trying to insult, just think about it truthfully to yourself. if your answer is in fact the latter, do you really think those who REALLY suffered from the incident would appreciate your lies?

you "love" it, you give it ten, and you find it amazing. same question. did you really like it? or are you just following the crowd? dont want to be shot down like the rest of the people who claim that they find it offensive?

if you really are offended by this, then pay attention. you should know that if this artist (not an opinion) was willing to post this up knowing that there are people like you out there who are going to find it distasteful, he has no intention of caring about your opinion. in fact he's going to find it funny. so if you really care, stop pouring gas on the fire.

and to those who laugh and dont know why, dont say anything. please. give yourself a little more credit. give yourself a hug. however that's done.

come on guys. people are supposed to be smart. act the part.

then again... im probably in the wrong place for that kind of stuff.

i still you love newgrounds. can we still be friends?


That was a big 'ol steamin' pile 'o funny. Good work, mate!

Hell, it's shit like this that keeps us sane. Keep it up. Cheers.

sad but true

this is basicl how thry tried to cash in on 9/11 after it happened only thry jus tdid it to the extream in the movie

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Oct 1, 2006
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