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Left/Right --- rotate cannon
Space --- shoot bullets
Shoot down the GREEN helicopters and avoid hitting the WHITE ones. Hit the YELLOW helicopters for weapon upgrades.
Highscores thanks to Armorbot. View the highscores here:

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It's just not good. The graphics are terible, the song sucks, and the fact that you can't hold down space bar to far, meaning you have to mash it, is annoying. It need something to make it good. It was a good try, but you struck out pretty bad. Try adding different modes, or a mute button, or maybe more types of enemies. Sorry, it just wasn't that good.

Nice! ^.^

Neat game! :D

Some ideas: Diffrent music(s) the song got old after like 12 seconds … and diffrent types of enemys; maybe just diffrent kinda of helicopters. Also the weapons didn't upgrade past the double-missile thingys! :'( Maybe for a twist have the helicopters shoot at eachother! Finaly it was a lil' bit too easy ._. the only bombs that were challenging were ones right above the city.

A bit like Missile-Command :D Nice job!

Great game to play-thank you!

You made a fun game to play - shooting down those airplanes was awesome!

second rate everything

It was an alright game, i got 7th place on the scoreboard (MikeZombie) I liked it but it was waaaaaaaaay too easy.

Kind of easy.

Maybe put a limit on how many times you can shoot or something.
Other than that, good job.