Chibi Battle ep. 1/2

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First up Arieo is pronounced (Ar-Ee-Oh) Not (Air-Ee-Oh)

ok so I'm not back officially this is my second "completed" flash. I'd like to thank my friend Cassie (who appears as Cass in this flash) for almost twisting my arm into finishing this. Not much to say, a special thanks to Abido and Irregularchild for letting me use their characters. Be sure to check out the art sites after the credits, there's some good stuff there. ^__^

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Ep. 1/2?

That was pretty good. Some voice acting might have made it less boring though. And thanks for not making the whole thing like an rpg battle


was kinda stupid in the begining but got better.


I love excel saga, and i think it was really cool that you were able to appropriately use all those excel songs. Anyways keep up the good work.

Awesome Arieo-kun!

Lol! It's funny cause it starts tweened and then you switched to fbf!

Phog is so cute, you did a good job fbf-ing her. Look like it was a @#$%^ though.

Well now for the review, it was good. You seriously need to work on you friggen sidefaces though! Lol!

The art was good though, and it was pretty funny.

So will the next episode be One then?

By now I think you know who me is! ^^

Tis good! Nyah!

i counted....

...4 memes...
Cats, traps, desu girl and sum habbo door block.

Its too bad you animate like the common DA riff-raff.

Arieo-Delacroix responds:

hmm...where to start with this...
1. what's a meme
2. "habbo door block"? whu?
3. "Common DA riff-raff" hm.. you make an interesting statement, I'm sure you were teh pwnage when you first started too, huh? ^__^

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Sep 28, 2006
1:40 AM EDT