Ultimate Pie Theft

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That was so beutiful <sniff>It was so perfect my brothers eyes melted<sniff>WoW<Crying>Its so beutiful

You know what this game needs...?

Nothing. It is absolutely perfect. Thank you for making me crap an egroll laughing. This is the best game I've played in months.


Not bad but i never was good at pac man

I love games like this the thing i hate is that i can never play them with out dieing in 0.2 seconds so ya cool game but i can't play it

This is great...

The gameplay seems to be exactly the same as Pac-Man, which of course is good. But then you added Weebl things! Maybe people who aren't into Weebl won't get it, but I'm not really into Weebl and I thought it was great. The "ghosts" are various characters and have speech bubbles plus voices saying different stuff based on what you're doing. Amazing.

Highly recommended for anyone who likes Weebl and/or Pac-Man. Although the weirdness of the voices would probably bother some people. =/

Best Game ON THE WEB!

Ok, I only write reviews if a submission is REALLY good or REALLY bad. But this the far most funniest game I've EVER fucking played BEST GAME ON THE WEB!!!! The interactivity was extreme! But what really got me to write this review is the sound. OMFG the funniest sounds I have ever heard in a game or a movie. YOU... YOU... ARE... THE... BEST... And far most funniest person on the web. I'm ATANISHED! Great Work man adding it to my favorites AND I'm bookmarking it................................You accualy made me LAUGH OUT LOUD. You know how hard that is. I've only lol'd REALLY to two movie/game: TANKMEN and THIS!!! OMFG I'm playing it again.

lol. :)

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4.00 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2006
8:17 PM EDT
Skill - Collect