Dark Knight Tales

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A friend of mine recently showed me this song done by Chasym at www.chasym.org. I thought the intro was hilarious so I decided to animate it. For those who haven't played Final Fantasy XI, you may not quite understand it.

I actually posted this yesterday but it was blammed because of low votes mainly because of the graphic quality. So I decided to get off of my ass (Not literally) and redo it. So here it is, Version 2.0.



Wow, this video is full of those emo stereo types you "hate" oh so much. The sound quality could use some touching up. Oh and you might want to consider not remaking your videos when the get blamed, they get blamed for a reason. Originality never hurt either.


kwl movie animation was good and graphics, nice work! =d

MUCH much better than last time!

Keep up the good work!

That was funny...

And the graphics look much better... Good job!

That was...

pretty damn funny haha.

The graphics wasn't the best, but you did real good work.

I think you should go in an redo the graphics some more. The whole thing was funny so keep it.

Liked when the kid said "Oh Shit..."

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Sep 27, 2006
1:59 PM EDT
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