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Orangebeef must make a decision... defend the city, or save his own life.

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Pretty Good...

But you could have made it better by working on it a bit longer....

Maybe add some voices or a few more expressions.

voted 5

Some very nice fbf animation. Flowed very smoothly. A great preloader. A nice ideea. Cute graphics. A nice background. Pretty funny. Good shading. Good use of gradients. And a very nicely drawn tank.

There was no sound effects. Orangebeefs looks would change throughout the movie. In the begging when the meteor was moving down the clouds still went sideways. And the ned was a little confusing.

(my 600th review)

nope not enough

Try harder live longer.It is not easy to make animation you should find new story and it must be more funny and interactive.I think you must have some sleep and think about it why a beef is have to blow up a meteor with a tank ý didn't get it pal.keep up the good work try harder.


I liked it..better than some of Your...other works...=) Weldone I voted 5..

it is okay

i just said it ITS OKAY