New Super Mario World 1

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It's just another great adventure of Super Mario... -Joke!- This time he really gets his Adventute... at a place you might remember: The
-->3 EASTER EGGS (-->click read more for some information<--);ABOUT 15 MINUTES; some kickass action and a lot of sick humor!<--

***About 50k views?! Thanks everyone!!!^^***

---> Easter Eggs: <---
1)On the title screen
2)At Fort Koopa
3)At the very end. Concentrate on the edge^^; I don't mean the replay button! And believe me: it's worth it! (You have to klick this one!)

So try to find as many as you can!^^

Note: Thanks for getting this in the Mario collection! For the hardcore watchers I added another little present!^^
4) Uh... yeah! Another really small one: I added some greetings!^^ Luigi wants to thank you too, for getting in the mario collection once more! Check out the preloading scene! If you were to slow (or if your internet was too fast) and it's already loaded you can jump out of the window or just rightclick and click rewind!^^

Have fun!



Those koopa's have a realy hard time trying to stop Mario......

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Silveraxe responds:

So does he trying to pass the goal... :3
Glad this little parody could entertain you!


lol that sergeant is a dumbass!

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Silveraxe responds:

lawl rly? 0.o
Glad you liked the movie!^^

A collage of hilarity, creativity, and randomness

This movie is what you should look for in a good mario parody. This movie is an Idea stretched out as far as it will go, without killing the joke.
Good movie, good animation, and great sound.

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Silveraxe responds:

I'm really happy to read that!^^ Words like these always motivate me to carry on, so thanks for your review!


PWNage denied. How many trys did it take for mario to get it right? I forgot to count, anyway its hilarius.

Silveraxe responds:

How many tries? lawl... I don't know... Guess it depends on what cou count as a try...
But anyway, glad you liked it!^^

Cool very cool and nice

Its good is...is...hahahahhaha ah really parody

Silveraxe responds:

Glad to read that man!^^

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Sep 26, 2006
10:11 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody