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Hazzard Nights

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Author Comments

Made this for a fellah screen named Duke:Hazzard on flamehaus.com.

This beauty was completed in 5 hours!

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Hahahahaahahah Still love this, Joe, and miss the good old days at FlameHaus.com and HL2World.

And lol I am still exactly this person online.


PLease pee in my mouth?!DISGUSTING!
and that fat guy on the football field is a homosexual. :P


I'd love to see these all made into an album and sold. I'd laugh so hard after buying it.

wow lol

i liked the first song cause of the high pitched voice lol and the songs were funny like "please pee in my mouth", "Six flags theme song" and that gay skinny guy and fat guy doing god knows what on the soccer field made me laugh but no offence to the gay/lesbian people though


"Please pee in my mouth" LOL?