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Hi everyone! It's diamond armada here with another tutorial. Many of you maybe wondering how to do this kind of thing I am going to teach you now. Also I bet some of you search for the kind of tutorial like this but they dont make sense. Well this'll probably be the answer... if not, that's why you can email me! Hope you enjoy this tutorial!

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this was great i learn alot

i like this tut very simple
but it something i can't figture out.
i made the heath bars work but every thing keep looping.(goes to first frame)
i put in the action script you say put but it still keep looping. named the
frames(you names frames in the actionscript panel right?)
well i will figture it out sooner or later
anyway nice job


cool and thanks!

Pretty cool 9.5

I had a look at this just in case you were doing a more advanced one like me. Mine went wrong. Anyway, the reason you got a 9 instead of 10 is pretty much because you didnt tell people how to implement it into a larger scale one, with spells and stuff... Other than that, great tutorial and I think I'll be seeing a few more good RPGs because of it. Maybe put in a health bar & script. (I know they take ages but they look cool)
P.S. If you could give halves, you'd get 9.5

NICE! but then aww

i know this tut is perfect but theres one thing i couldnt get is the health part and i'm new to this reveiw this is my 1st so and once again i LOVE this tut!!

DAGamesOfficial responds:

lol, thanx for the 10! did yu remember to make a link for your heal button so it plays your heal animation? did you add da actionscript were it makes the health grow higher? did you make it so the last frame of the health bar goes straight to the enemy attacking you? if not these points might remind you, lol ;)

Good Stuff!

thanks for showing us how to do this in a way most people can understand.

DAGamesOfficial responds:

thanx for the 10. I'm sure I will make more understandable new tutorials as well.

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3.95 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2006
4:01 PM EDT