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Paddle Battle 2

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Sinse the game has over 5000 views the last 2 updates need to be added by an admin. So they may not be there!
For everygame there's a sequal.
Many things have been improved and added for maxium playablity and fun!
The ball's bounces are far more realistic.
There are 12 power ups.
The paddles have been speed up.
There's a background and a helpful ledgend of the powerups too.
A glitch has been fixed but i'm leaving the highscores as they are. Remember though I can ban you from posting highscores! So be mature!
Ablility to stop the music is avaiable now!


i don't understand

i cant play it it's to big

I GOT 3RD!!!!

I GOT THIRD ON THE THINGEY MUCHIG, but thats only because your game stinks.I like the concept, however the graphics,power ups, and music suck.Learn some skills then make a third.

I GOT THIRD IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

wow, this was awful

i didn't even move my paddle, then i won. I coudln't even see the whole screen.

Over-Kill responds:

Yes I realize that problem. My computer has a high resolution.(1400by1050,this is a laptop)

Ow, my sense of gameplay

First I had to move the window around so I could SEE my paddle. Then I ran into a random smorgasbord of power-ups that turned it into a totally random gimpfest.

Maybe if you tweak it up a bit. It's not bad but the gameplay is suffering.

great scripting, cool idea, put into work terribly

you ehave made a great game, there is not doubt. but i won first time and havn't lost since. the time thing would largely rely on random so doesnt bother me. right now im stuck in a game where the ball is going perfectly vertically! the upgrades were awesome and easy to work out. controls were simple and fun. game was interesting. but give it some levels!!!! make it get gradually harder, maybe make levels with blocks in the middle or something?

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Credits & Info

3.14 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2006
3:49 PM EDT
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