Paddle Battle 2

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Sinse the game has over 5000 views the last 2 updates need to be added by an admin. So they may not be there!
For everygame there's a sequal.
Many things have been improved and added for maxium playablity and fun!
The ball's bounces are far more realistic.
There are 12 power ups.
The paddles have been speed up.
There's a background and a helpful ledgend of the powerups too.
A glitch has been fixed but i'm leaving the highscores as they are. Remember though I can ban you from posting highscores! So be mature!
Ablility to stop the music is avaiable now!


Another nice game!

Although... didn't you submit the first part earlier today or something? Cause I remember reviewing that one too.

Over-Kill responds:

So I did. Both were made today. :D take that 2 games in one day.

It's alright, I suppose.

As much good as this game could be, the AI is dumber than a sack of rocks. Work on that and maybe it'll do just fine. I got bored too easily.

Over-Kill responds:

You'll see much more complicated and smarter AI from me in the future. It wasn't my priority in this game.

Nice update of pong....

.... and anarkanoid.... and intergalactic tennis (flash game) and.... and.... Tennis itself! Seriously, this is a pretty good game due to the power-ups that change the game play at a moments notice (so its NOT just a ball going back and forth between the paddles).

Liked the music too. Nice flash.

Over-Kill responds:

Thanks for the great review. Glad you enjoyed it.

Good, but it doesnt actually work.

The ball doesnt go from side to side, at all! I just kept the paddle in the same spot and so did the computer, nothing happend, it just bounced back and forth between each paddle, in a perfectly straight line. Yeah that needs to be fixed, after all, its the entire game.


Normally I would give you a low score in style because it was a pong game with nothing added, but, when I viewed this, it had some cool add-ons.
Anyway, it was pretty fun, but the paddle ball moved to slow.

Over-Kill responds:

I'll remember that next time I make a game that involves a ball.

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3.14 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2006
3:49 PM EDT
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