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Paddle Battle 2

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Author Comments

Sinse the game has over 5000 views the last 2 updates need to be added by an admin. So they may not be there!
For everygame there's a sequal.
Many things have been improved and added for maxium playablity and fun!
The ball's bounces are far more realistic.
There are 12 power ups.
The paddles have been speed up.
There's a background and a helpful ledgend of the powerups too.
A glitch has been fixed but i'm leaving the highscores as they are. Remember though I can ban you from posting highscores! So be mature!
Ablility to stop the music is avaiable now!



amazing... I loved it! it had a flaw though....... when you press start it jumps to the game instantly. it kinda cought me off guard.


it was ok, but the paddles moved way to slowly, like it was realy bad. if you sped them up it would be a pretty good game

ok game

i not sure i got how to play but not bad not really the most fun game but still quite additive to get the ball the music did grate after a while though

Haha, thanks man! :D

Thanks for using my track, lol. I'm honored.


Nice game, though I don't like the lack of movement. Left and right, wtih a mouse?? Cmon man! More sensitivity!


thanks again for using my track, lol. Check out some of my other ones if you have the time, thanks!

God Bless!

Over-Kill responds:

I have listened to some of your music. You'll probably see your music in more games. :D


it was ok, but it has SO many problems with it, and if you fix those problems, then this will be a great game:

i played a good 5 times through. heres the problems:

1. a game started with the ball going completely vertical. not only that, but there were no power ups to change it's direction or speed, so that game consisted of nothing but watching the ball go up and down. i had to restart the whole thing.

2. it is hard to know what buttons do what. a help page might be nice. i need to know what the power ups do.

3. the ball automatically starts, and that is NOT cool. for someone who's first time playing, he might not even know the game is going on. add in maybe a "click to start" option. that would help.

4. the ball has the same angle of reflection every time, no matter where the ball hits the paddle. this is a huge problem, that is why my #1 on the list of problems happened. do something to make the angles different.

as faulty as it is, i still gave it a 2, when it really deserves a 1, because i see a lot of potential.

this is helpful criticism. dont flame me for giving my views.

Over-Kill responds:

Thanks for the input. You see I wanted the balls bounces to be realistic. In the first game they ball bounced randomly off the paddles in random directions. I changed it to keep it's course. I'll keep these in mind. Thanks for the critisim again.

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Credits & Info

3.14 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2006
3:49 PM EDT
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