Chase Away the Birds

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okay, so I'm not sure what this game is about, but its fun fun fun... mindless, but fun. it takes a very skillful mouse handler to get any birds past 5... and...read the instructions...


that was great

wow you have no skill whatsover

utterdmnnonsense responds:

I'm not sure what you mean, except that people from New Jersey smell like fish.

not much of a game

all you did was press on the birds but they flow away to quickly it was pointless but not in a good way more thought would have helped did notlook to great either

utterdmnnonsense responds:

so what you're saying is, it didn't look nice, and... you aren't any good at it. hmm. well, i can fix the first part but...if they fly away too quickly for you, well, I'm afraid you'll just have to speed up. And I understand you would have liked more meaningless violence. Well, I'll be sure to include that next time. You might prefer another one of my animations. Drink Pepsi. F***ing English.

I Hate Pointless Games

...and this one is one. The graphics are horrid and looks like a 4 year old drew them with the simple bird drawings. The game was pointless...so, WHAT STYLE? I think the sound was the only thing that was decent. No violence, no humour. You just click on birds, so crap interactivity too. Better luck next time.

utterdmnnonsense responds:

Yeah, okay, I didn't spend any time on the graphics. I get it. But it's not luck, it's skill...not that you would know. you haven't made any flash. And,hey! I bet you didn't even read the INSTRUCTions. jeez. And I KNOW it's pointless. but you just can't PLAY. i bet you didn't even score over 50. SPACE. SHIFT. CLICK. and OKAY, i get it. VIOLENCE. but what ever happened to pointless nonviolent games like pong? like...

alright, so, VIOLENCE...
but otherwise, don't you just hate people from New Zealand?


Wow I definately spent way to long playing that. You need to fix up te movemnt sped abit though. You see if all the birds move at the same speed than they all pile on top of each other.

utterdmnnonsense responds:

I told you it was addictive...
the thing about having the birds not all clump together is that it makes the game easier. i guess i could do that though, since it's a pretty hard game so that wouldn't matter too much...

I didn't like it.

I didn't find it fun, i found it boring. It was pointless and quite hard. Make a new version and it might be good if you put more work into it.

utterdmnnonsense responds:

you just don't like it cause you're not good at it. psh.

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1.75 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2006
3:09 PM EDT
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