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DJ Cheese Collab

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DJ Cheese is on the dance floor.

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We need more Dj cheese

DJ cheese and Noobnation bring together this entertaining collaboration.
2 of DJ cheese's clubbing hits, you people have no doubt heard of these tracks before (If you havn't, het out more often) and DJcheese will put in a twist that is just so fresh....You will definetly watch this clip again and again.
Graphics and Style deserve a good 10, cuz there so wacky.
The sound gets a 9/10, although it is indeed great, DJ cheese will no doubt come out with fresh sounds in the future to rival this production.
No violence here, so all the kids can enjoy DJ cheese !!
Not much intereactiviy as i would have liked, but DJ cheese usually doesn'y have time to spend with his fans.
Humour gets a 10 for sure.

Overall, a good 8.
Looking forward for more DJ cheese in the near future.
Peace !

Little-Rena responds:

Thankyou for that long review on what DJ Cheese is good for P:

Keep going Noobnation, you guys are doing great!

The Preloader in this flash is just classic. Love it everytime I see it and it's hilarious! The Cheese with the headphones on was pretty neat and creative. Very Random at most as well. The First Clip, Little Rena, was quite weird and random. The Cheese looked nerdy and the music was quite cool. I also liked how you used the speakonia voices. The Second Clip, DrunkenAlien, was pretty cool. I liked how he remixed the Milkshake song. That was funny. The Animation was random and everything was going twisted. Overall, this flash was good and I enjoyed watching it. Good Work Noobnation! Responses are gladly appreciated. 7/10 for you guys! :D

GRAPHICS: 7, I was good but can be better. Some of the stuff looked kinda crappy. Most of the things looked good though. :)

STYLE: 7, The Style in this flash was very Random. You have a DJ Cheese singing all this songs in a weird remixed verson. I like it!

SOUND: 7, The Music got really annoying. DJ Cheese is not really a DJ to me. But, His Music did give ma a laugh so I'll give you guys a 7.

VIOLENCE: 3, Not much Violence here besides the Milkshake Song. lol!

INTERACTIVITY: 5, A Play Button, 2 Clips buttons, and a Credits Button.

HUMOR: 7, Some of the stuff in this flash actually made me laugh. So, you get a 7 in that catergory.

OVERALL: 7, Good job Little Rena, DrunkenAlien, and the whole Noobnation Team. :D


Little-Rena responds:


Thankyou for the review.
DJ Cheese is a real DJ though, it's his job. :P


Hahaha, this collab was pretty funny!

Well, it could have had some more parts, but it was damn hilarious!

Little's part was pretty funny, it could have had some more effects and stuff flying round there :P
And Drunken's was the best! Cheese's mouth moving constantly made me rofl! And his effects were swell, too!

Hahaha, and that thing with the Speakonia lyrics was great! Those me laugh very hard!

Great job! :D

Little-Rena responds:

I still need to learn flash stuff! lol.

But thanks.
Drunken just wanted it to be a 2 person collab, the collab was his idea.
But DJ Cheese was my invention B)

Hmmm just above average

It was just above average but i don't think it was brilliant besides it being hilarious tha has saved it ;)

Little-Rena responds:

Great :)
The main intention was humor :D

Simple But Funny

The graphics were kinda simple. Just a picture of cheese and animate it.
But this was very FUNNY!

Little-Rena responds:

It was suppost to be funny :D

Credits & Info

2.97 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2006
2:09 PM EDT

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