The Toucher

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*Update 1/27/'07*
I upladed a new file so the quality doesn't suck as much. It's still really crappy becasue this is my first claymation.
My first claymation ever! I found this floating around in my computer, so I decided to submit it to see what people think.


Oh-no! Playdoh

I've used playdoh for animations and it turned out horrible so thats one reason this isn't the best. Another obvious reason is this is your first animation so It makes since. I enjoyed it knowing this was the start your other movies. 5/10

Kinda Dumb...

i havta admit it does kinda take a lil skill 2 make clay animation

but still it was just overall boreing...

Clay animation gone bad

It seems like all the clay animation getting posted on ng today all sort of takes after knox's clay world. Only it's no where near as funny. You don't need to be a good animator to do clay animation, but you do need to be a good comedian, and I don't see that in this flash. Try a differnt style next time.

Homeless responds:

well this was my first claymation. Can you tell me what you think of my others? They're up on Newground. I posted this because it was my first one and I just wanted to see what people thought.


listen, newgrounds is not a place to dunp your first claymation, so dont even think abnout doin this again

Homeless responds:

It's not all about quality. It's about content. I thought that this story was pretty funny so I submitted it. And next time you make a review, put in reasons for why you didn't like it.


Knox pretty much set the standards for good klaymation. so to improve ur claymation to the quality newgrounders expect, i suggest making walking animations less rigid and make your timing appropriate and also voice acting can be worked upon. the jokes and randomness was spot on but not well delivered. as mentioned, better voice acting needed. good luck =)

Homeless responds:

well, this was my first claymation. I have others on Newgrounds. This was made like 6 months ago. I have improved a lot since then.

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Sep 24, 2006
12:58 PM EDT
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