Sunday Comics & Toons 004

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Thanks for frontpage, Tom!

In this week's issue you'll find bouncing-swearing balls, aliens, animated garbage, dynamite, a dead bully, two idiots sleeping and yet another man with penislessness!

All constructive reviews will be replied to.

This week includes some cool updates! A new button layout, music options and a shorter intro (until I find something different to put there). Enjoy!

If you can't get enough and want to join, come on over to the thread at http://www.newgrounds.co


Awesome concept!

I enjoyed comics in flash, its very nifty. All I got to complain about is that some artist need to make sure not to strecth out text. They should evenly resize and take full control of wordwrap heh heh. Other than that everything was in a awesome neat little package. Keep up the good work!

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RSQViper responds:

Thanks a lot. I think I know what text you're referring to and that is actually the style of that text (which I am not fond of).

But, I do agree. Some Flashes can use much more readable text. Thanks for your review and we will keep working on them if you keep watching them!

I Like it..but you know what would make it better?

Voice acting. Its a tad slow with text talking (I did like the first one though, thats my fave one) Contact me if you need help on that part :)

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RSQViper responds:

Yeah voice acting would be nice, but I can certainly understand how much of a pain it is since I've used it twice.

Mainly because you get one week to do EVERYTHING in the toon or comic so when you need a VA you have to get lines to them, wait for them to get back and then generally lip-sync it. It definitely adds time to making the Flash when you are already strapped for time.

I will make the suggestion, though. Thanks for the review. =)

Hey guys! Nice work!

Hope I can make it in next week! Anyway, well done all!

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RSQViper responds:

Thanks, it would be good to have you!

part 1 was the best

but i only found out of the 7 a few made me laugh the guy withput a penis was good but th rest were a lillte weak still not bad

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RSQViper responds:

Hey, at least you're truthful. I hope you liked the new layout and music selections as well.

Thanks for letting us know how we did!

In my opinion

Best week so far, great work guys!

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RSQViper responds:

Thanks for your mean & evil Flash! But, he gets what he deserves in the end... muhahaha!


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Sep 24, 2006
1:03 AM EDT
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