HP and the Liberal Menace

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Welcome to the Third Installment of "Legends of Hogwarts."

For those of you new to the series, I recommend checking out the first episode, "Harry Potter and the End of the Series," before watching this one.

And hey! There's a website, too - http://www.LegendsofHogw
arts.com! Sweet!

One more note: this cartoon is quite long (almost 18 minutes), but there are Scene Selections at the start so that you can watch part and then come back for the rest.


I hope you die in a fire

The funny thing is that those really are clubs you find at college. Its hard to spot though because they're usually under different names. At my school they were called the "Progressive Student Alliance" and "NJPIRG."

Anyway, I got bored after a while watching this movie (you know, because its 18 minutes or whatever) but I was really amused in general at how you were saying totally true stuff (well assuming you replace the Harry Potter references with their real life parallels) but thought that you were using crazy hyperbole and making fun of Ann Coulter instead. Man, I bet you're one of those people who doesn't accept that McCarthy was right about every single person he accused.

Thats ok, I bet if you complain enough, you'll get some other liberals to throw money at you, since thats what they do in response to all their other problems.

Oh, and if Ann Coulter ever wrote a book titled "I Hope You Die in a Fire," I'd totally buy a dozen copies of it, because seriously, I do. (And also because capitalism fucking rocks!)

Frickin Awesome

Yeah, I did kinda just notice how alike anne coulter and J. K. Rowling look. Great prologue, by the way. And is there any particular reason that harry potter looks so much like stephen colbert? Even if it was coincidence, it fits on an almost grotesque scale.

guywiththecoat responds:

I didn't do that on purpose, although I did notice the Colbert-esque look of him when I was finished with the illustrations. The truthiness must be going to my head.


Reminds me of those old 1950's propaganda movies.

Love it

Haven't finished it yet, but I like what I've seen so far.
It's like those good ol' picture books from when I was a kid.
Ah, the good ol' days, with good ol' care free days.
I enjoy saying good ol'....

Oh, right, good submission, hooray!

Good, but quite long.

It must have taken hours to write such an elaborate storyline.
Honestly, I only had the time to get through chapter 2, but I gave it a "5" out of sheer humor.

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Sep 23, 2006
6:29 PM EDT
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