The Button Of Fate

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Have you ever created fate?
Well... now you kinda can.
In this game\movie you will be able
to select his fate. Choose, watch and enjoy!
Took me six weeks..
I realy wanna see some reviews on this one.
Updates: Thanks Tom for adding this to the stick collection!

P.s. The unmemorise 3 is now being built.

Later bros.


Yeah... FATE and FAITH are not the same...

And you meant FATE, of this I am sure. If it was the button of FAITH, your buttons would have had pictures of Buddha and Jesus on them... not ways in which the guy could die. Also, "reborning" is the worst impromptu verb use I have ever seen. If you wanted to say anything at that point, it would have been "rebirthing"... and then you would have had to show the stick man coming out some woman's vaginal canal. Anyway... it was okay. A lot of people have attempted this kind of thing. Its really no different than one of those "choose how this guy dies" scenarios. This one wasn't that much different... maybe a bit more work/length in the animations, but it was still based on a stick man... which is bad mojo for sure.

Max-Pain responds:

Yes I meant fate that's why I fixed it...
And also the REBORNING thing was for the humor..
Anyway, thanks for the review,
I learned a lot from you.

A little crude but...

enjoyable as hell.Good tension reliever.

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not bad

yeah it was ok, but i think you meant button of FATE not FAITH... i dunno

Very Awsome

Entertaining game, and interesting concept. Thats nice, having a lot of ways to die With the little animation int he beginining making it better..but.. Maybe a better looking better stick figure, Everything was nice but he lacked detail but, who am I to judge this was great.

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Max-Pain responds:

I'm glad to see your review!


that´s nice,have a lot of ways to die and a little animation in the begin that make it better....but......try to do better graphics,i know its difficult,but,at least a better looking background,or a better stick figure,also try to do a better ballon for the text.....try even to put a fast REBORNING mensage,things like that can increase your game a lot..........but its ok in this way.
Good luck!!!

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Max-Pain responds:

Thanks bro!

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4.14 / 5.00

Sep 23, 2006
9:36 AM EDT
Adventure - Other