The Button Of Fate

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Have you ever created fate?
Well... now you kinda can.
In this game\movie you will be able
to select his fate. Choose, watch and enjoy!
Took me six weeks..
I realy wanna see some reviews on this one.
Updates: Thanks Tom for adding this to the stick collection!

P.s. The unmemorise 3 is now being built.

Later bros.


it was pretty good but i have a better idea.

this game type has been repeated a lot recently. my idea was to have a person (not a stick figure) who the veiwer really gets to know. then the person finds him/herself in danger(ie garbage shredder NEXT PASSAGE TAKEN FROM BOOK jimmy coates: target
he heard himself scream as his leg came into contact with hardened alloy steel knives rotating at 1000 rpm.)
the veiwer must decide whether they will survive (happy ever after) or die (high detail blood/gore. very gruesome) the dialemma is that with all the getting to know the character the veiwer might have built up an understanding of the character.

ideas for deaths:
1. garbage shredder
2. bus crash
3. bomb scare
4. fall from high place
5. attempted murder
6. factory/other workplace fire
I hope this game comes out soon
p.s. if it does my name better be on it!!! I mean it!!!

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Max-Pain responds:

Wow! awesome ideas!
Hmm maybe I will add your ideas for "The button of fate2" thank you!


Better luck next time


reminds me of stick suicide it's alright. u could prolly improve with more deaths and shorter videos of the deaths good work

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Totally awesome dude

The game was great. I loved the part with the rockets, just the part when he blabbers on. Because we have to press press a million times.

Max-Pain responds:

I see you gave the sound a zero...

well, it wasn't too bad

not the best ive seen, that cutscene got annoying, but it was cool

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4.14 / 5.00

Sep 23, 2006
9:36 AM EDT
Adventure - Other