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Dailytoon #260

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itsm your birthday

good little move about dailytoons its what this is about

I love to wake up in the morning...

...And see a brand New DailyToon in the portal. Brightens my day, you know?

let me tell you something star syndicate, fom tulp

we suck or what ever you call youself now. there is something about you and the clock crew that puts a smile on my face every time i watch your stuff. my favorite thing that has ever been on your daily toons is a cartoon called fulp funk. i always wanted a full version of that but probably will never get it though. like you have the time to please one person. but anyway, the daily toon today was ok... not the best, but was still cool, its not like everyone has the will power to assemble a cool colorfull, and trippy flash every day. i hate it when people blast you with hate reviews, hell i hate it when everybody takes review space to blast someone, especially people who havent made flash yet. but thats just me, i havent made any either but am trying to learn so i make decent flash ya know what i mean? thats enough gabbing from me. i'll continue supporting your stuff so keep on making good/strange flash d00d!


TheStarSyndicate responds:

thank u sirr

Last time I checked Daily Toons 250 was the last

And rightfully so. Cmon, what is this, a half-assed preloader, and two options, one with a somewhat decent actionscript animation, and another with something....worthy of blamming.

Let's be honest, you made this in less than 15 minutes.


I dunno... I thought this one was kinda boring for some reason. I wouldn't say so unless I really thought so. Oh well, they can't all be gold, can they?