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Go, Go, Parody Rangers!

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EDIT: HELLO Front Page O_O; Well damn, thanks everyone who helped me get here! Since I know a lot of people are curious about a sequel, I do have some ideas planned, but haven't fully written it out, and at the same time I need to get back to my regular series, TTA. So this is all you'll have for a while guys, but just getting it out there that I DO have plans for more movies like this. Enjoy!
Once upon a time, there was a little show by the name of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers", a live action TV show that, like many other adapted Japanese series, have affected the very culture of America. The series has had countless incarnations over the last 13 years or so, and Mighty Morphin will always be the original. I came up with this idea a little before the summer started, and've been working hard on it ever since. It's shown off just about every trick in my arsenal of flash animation skills, and pays a (hopefully) hilarious tribute to a show that sparked my interest of action shows and anime back when I was just a little guy. We've got a kick-ass cast list of voice actors for this one, including several of the TTA cast, some all new VAs, and some special guests, including "DBZ in a nutshell" and "Metal Gear Awesome"'s Egoraptor as the voice of Zordon and Alpha 5! I put a gigantic load of work into this one, so I hope you guys enjoy it. GO, GO, PARODY RANGERS!

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fuckin loved this when i was like 6 or 7

I used to review flashes consistently on this website before I fell out of the habit. To those who know & remember me,it's good to be back! To those who don't,it's a pleasure to meet you! Truth be told,I was planning on binging not just everything from all 3 Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers seasons but also their Super Sentai counterparts before reviewing this entire parody series. Then I realized I don't really need to know all of that for this because pretty much ANY American
can understand it even if they may not have seen the show. Now for the review! Even at such an early point in his career,Kirbopher's animation skills for this were a cut above the rest. This pretty much is the only animated version of the famous live-action cartoon that we may ever have both in America & Japan that I know of,at least. And of course,the voice acting ties in perfectly with this kind of project. Kirbopher's always been passionate about the subject,so the vocal talent in this flash from his growing up should come as no surprise to any longtime fan of his. Not to mention he perfectly parodied the concept of Power Rangers while at the same time creating his own story based on said concept. Plus the mature themes included natually spiced things up in every way possible. Since this came out long before the modern comics,we got an exclusive taste of what an adult Power Rangers story is like through this silly yet sublime animation of all things regardless of it all being due to the crass comedy! I feel like I could go on & on with praise,and my only critique is the obvious fact it may not hold up very well in this modern age of both freelance & professional animation. But it's also obvious that at the time it was made it was decent and definitely better than whatever I had come up with at the time in terms of art. Just as Kirbopher devoted himself to improving the TTA/TOME story to the point it's now going to be an actual video game,I truly hope he does something similar with the Parody Rangers series. Until that day,to every fellow Power Rangers fan I will say this:May the power protect you always!

Really awkward, unfunny and stupid.
Some of the animation was good or someshit like the tweens and shit lmoa.

Is Egoraptor the voice of alpha?

Always been awesome, always will be. Also, EGORAPTOR HELPED WITH THIS???