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A Cow Story 3

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A Cow Story Part Three: The Darkness

Finally, the third installment of the family film, A Cow Story, has been completed!

The script and voices were done three years ago, but I was just motivated to animate the show in 2006! The music was also written and performed in 2006. Enjoy!

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Propz for 3-year old flashes re-done!

Oh yeah! Give a shout-out for mexi-chicken and his voice from three years ago! Hollaback muthaf*cka! Whoop! Anyways, it was pretty good for your, what, third movie ever? There were two long parts (fight sequence, climbing grappling hook,) but no biggie. Anyhoo, everybody check out this guy's other two movies, he'll appreciate it. I'm outie!

Kloris responds:

Thanks for finally checking it out, man, hee! Yep, third movie ever. I timed the rope climbing section to be as long as Oink's adventurous song singing, which was probably only 25 seconds or so. I thought the scale of the place he was climbing would show that it did take him quite a while to get up there. Plus if you notice, it starts out pretty dark while he's at the bottom, and as he gets higher, the sun gets brighter and brighter. It sort of sets the mood, but people never notice little things like that, eh? The fight scene was also attempted to be timed to the song... If you notice the first heavy section is Snoid hurting Oinkness, then there's the acoustic part, then Oinkness kicks Snoid's butt.

As far as production time, this part 3 took about 5x longer to make than Part 2 did, but it only gained a few more points, so perhaps people don't really care so much for sprite movies despite how much effort goes in. Sure, I could have always made people just standing there with lip syncing, talking about dirty stuff with barely any animation, like the Ill Will Press stuff, but I guess I wanted to try something funner.... Who knows what the future holds for my projects, but I'd like to thank everyone who likes the Cow Story series for being so supporting. Peace!

random alert

wtf i did not understand this crazy movie

Kloris responds:

Hmmm, did you watch episode 2? It's not too hard to understand if you know the characters, I guess. Mack Blage has been attacking Babe for no reason, Oinkness showed up in the forest to protect Babe... that's really about it. Part three just follows their actions on another day.


Nice, I liked it. It was kind of random at parts, but I haven't seen the first two so that could be it. But I like randomness anyways. The only thing I didn't like was that it got a little long for the amount of material. When Snoid was doing his little Omnislash thing, that could have been a little shorter. But nice.


how do you turn off the anti-aliasing to make the flash look like sprites? This was really cool :)

Kloris responds:

Actually, the pig, cow, and chicken were sprites! If you want to get your own sprite style, you should probably draw your sprites in MS Paint with pixels. Then, when you blew them up a bit, they'd look more blocky, of course.

not to bad

but the story a bit naff the animals against the trees looked a bit flat the trees looked unconvicing this was not a bad sprite movie but it neeeded a better story it did look quite good in places the backgrounds looked good

Kloris responds:

What! You're watching flash movies on Newgrounds! How could you be dissapointed with an actual story? Sure, ACS isn't quick snappy comedy and it doesn't end in under a minute, but it's more like an actual series with a longer, ongoing story... Did any of you guys watch episode 2? :p

Sure ACS isn't NBC-TV Series standard but it's not all that bad, heh heh!